What is OlsiTrack

OlsiTrack is designed to be the simplest available solution to track your boat/vehicle.
It allows you to see current postions, past tracks, past positions.
Choose between different charts. (Seacharts, Satellite, Road)

No setup required! No handling of sim-cards! No soldering/clamping!
Just two steps are required.


Each devices costs 200€/2000NOK excl. VAT/MVA and shipping.

A yearly service fee of 60€/600NOK excl. VAT/MVA is charged per device.

1. Installation

Attach the tracker to the battery using the shipped 3 meter cable - thats it, your done.

2. Locate boat/vehicle

Display your boat/vehicle with your browser at app.olsitrack.net.
(Login information will be sent via e-mail upon ordering. New devices will be automatically added to your account.)


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